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WARNING! Don’t Swim To CUBA!

Southernmost Pier

You think this pier has enough signs! Six to be exact, it unfortunately detracts from its endless serenity into the horizon… although in a strange way at the same time makes for a good balanced photo!
This is the SOUTHERNMOST PIER in the United States, then again, there’s a southernmost EVERYTHING down here in Key West (a publicity gimmick for sure). Though most of the signs are “No lifeguard on duty” “No diving”, I can’t read the SOUTHERNMOST SIGN IN THE UNITED STATES due to fading and therefore I have a literary license to make up my own ? “Warning! Don’t Swim To CUBA!”. The Southernmost Buoy claims to be 90 miles from Cuba, if so, this would be your jumping off point if you were actually going to swim there since it would be approximately 89.999 miles to Cuba. The piers real name is “Cates Pier” as noted on the dedication monument marker seen here at the foot of the pier.
To find this is simple, get on Duval Street and head southeast till the road actually ends into the Atlantic Ocean… or as they say “Till your map turns blue”! ? Oh yeah, this pier is part of what’s commonly called and advertised as “Southernmost Beach”… but I’m here to tell you that may not be true either! I’ll tell you why in a future blog on the beach itself.
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