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VINTAGE: Marlin & Orchid Motels

There are literally hundreds of vintage motels throughout the Florida Keys, not only in their architectural appearance but also their signs.

You can find a ton of them still sporting long-lost fads from the 1950’s such as terrazzo floors, jalousie windows, shag carpet, and bathroom tile & fixtures in such colors as pink, lavender, powder blue, coppertone & harvest gold. There’s nothing more destroying to a man’s masculinity than sitting on a pink throne after a hard day of working out pumping iron on Muscle Beach as I do! ? OK, that was an outright lie, the only weightlifting I do is of the 12 ounce Bud Lite variety! ?

These two featured hotels & signs are both located in Key West on and near Duval Street. You can still find hundreds of others similar motels lining the entire way down the 127 mile enjoyable journey though our beautiful Florida keys.


Hey… does that mean at my age I’m now considered vintage too! ?

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