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The Wright Brothers… Orville, Wilbur & Agustín?

Though not a Wright Brother, Agustín Parlá Orduña was also a historic record-breaking American Key West aviator.

Known as the “Great Cuban Aviator”, Agustín was born in Key West, Fla. on October 11, 1887 of  Cuban parents exiled during the struggle for their country’s independence. He was the first man to fly the 119 miles over the sea from Key West, Florida to El Mariel, Cuba on May 19, 1913. Not bad for a man of 25 years! Just think, from the first flight by the Wright Brothers on December 17, 1903 to crossing an ocean 9 years 5 months later facing near certain death if lost at sea for failing.

You can find this scaled replica paying homage to a Key West hometown hero inside of the ‘El Meson de Pepe Restaurant’ at Mallory Square in Key West hanging from the rafters for all to marvel. Below is shown a section of the wall dedicated to this fearless act.

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