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The Key’s Coolest Shark!

Where can you find the COOLEST shark in the Florida Keys? That’s easy, it’s at Mile Marker 83.8 within Whale Harbor Marina in the city of Islamorada behind Wahoo’s Bar & Grille!

This is not the largest fiberglass shark in the Key’s nor is it the most visible shark in the Keys. This one you will have to search out but I guarantee that it will be worth a souvenir photo or two! In order to find it, you must first park your car in the front of Wahoo’s Bar & Grille which is on the left side of the road on US-1 heading south. Once parked, walk towards the back docks behind the bar & grille and there it will be… the coolest shark in the Keys. If you look close at the photo to the left you will see a placard underneath the shark’s mouth nailed to the dock which reads something like “Keep hands & face away from sharks mouth”. I think you better listen… you don’t want to begin your Key’s trip with a boo-boo from wahoo’s! ? Pictured below is a full view of the shark and marina sign. Enjoy and be safe!

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