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The Famous ‘Green Parrot Bar’

One of Key West’s BEST! The Green Parrot Bar has a long shady history dating back to 1890 and remains a local and tourist favorite to this day.

It began as a grocery store to supplement the local Cubans with cigars and the Bahamian population with food from their native lands. It has grown into a bar of today with a wild, wild, wild s*#t-kicking reputation. In 1890 the store had a back room that local musicians played long into the night… hey, I guess some things never change! During WWII the Navy patronage was overwhelming and notoriously famous for the ruckus sailors are known for… and we all know they NEVER swear, fight or take another man’s woman! ? The sailors have long since gone being replaced over the years with such crowds as hippies, nomads, rendezvous seekers, tourists from every walk of life up to celebrities seeking refuge as an unknown even if only for a day. I admire a bar that states as their saying “A sunny place for shady people”… oh yeah, it also says “No sniveling!”.

You can find this landmark pub sitting on the corner of Southard & Whitehead Streets awaiting its next shady character to occupy a stool telling their best D.B. Cooper story claiming to be the long-lost hi-jacking parachuting bandit.


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