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Southernmost Anything & Everything!

4489643748_da8ee9f760_bI kid you not, there’s a Southernmost EVERYTHING in the Florida Keys!

OK, here’s ONLY eight of them, and I promise there’s plenty more! Southernmost Beach, Southernmost Deli, Southernmost Strip Club, Southernmost Corner Office, Southernmost Buoy, Southernmost House, Southernmost Hotel, Southernmost Tattoo.

You can almost make a game out of it to see who can find the most ‘Southernmost’ signs on business and attractions. I’ll be giving no address of each in this blog since I’ve spotlighted eight of the MANY that capitalize on this unregulated use of this advertising mega term ‘Southernmost’ here in the Florida Keys & Key West.

IMG_9544     IMG_9690      4657874976_91aaacce20_b

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