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Navy’s USS Independence Found In Florida Keys

Are you a Navy veteran, history buff or military enthusiast? If so, here’s one that’s sadly missed by nearly all who drive by it. ? Welcome to Independence Avenue, a direct reference to the Navy’s historic aircraft carrier USS Independence! OK, you might say that Independence could be a reference to the 4th of July, yes it could… but in this case I assure you it doesn’t! (I’ll tease you a bit more to read on) ?

Here’s a snippet of historical data about the USS Independence (CV62): Displacement 56,000 Tons, Dimensions, 1046′ 6″ x 129′ 1″, Speed, 34 Knots, Crew 3800 – 4280 and holds 100 Aircraft. She entered service in 1959 and was decommissioned in 1998 after 39 years of defending Liberty. Her accolades, to mention a few, include the Vietnam War along with enforcing the No-Fly Zone over Iraq.

How do I know this street name was meant directly for this particular Navy ship? That’s EASY, it’s located on a main street named ‘Ships Row’! You can find this proud reference to the Navy’s USS Independence wedged in-between other well known historical vessel-named roads at Mile Marker 29.7 bayside on Big Pine Key.


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