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Message In A Bottle

With a name taken directly from Kevin Costner’s 1985 Hollywood Movie comes todays blog of the same name “Message In A Bottle”.

Upon ending our daily 3-4hr bike ride around the island of Key West, we stopped at a local watering hole to wet our whistles. As we were enjoying our adult beverages with the waitress hearing the common phrase “Keep’em coming” we somehow found time to observe the centerpiece adorning our table.

Seen here is the focal point of the tables arrangement “Message In A Bottle” sitting upon a solid navy blue tablecloth. Though it’s impossible to read the entire message within the bottles, the several I looked at seem to all be alike. It really doesn’t matter, it’s a great idea, conversation piece, & photo-op waiting to happen.

This bottled-up message can be read in the restaurant and bar area of the Ibis Resort on North Roosevelt Blvd. here in sunny Key West where you can ALWAYS find something different!

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