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Man & Woman Torso Statues

Nudity or Art? Key West has long been a haven for starving artists, poets, & writers long before Tennessee Williams & Ernest Hemingway arrived stamping their imprint on this island city’s culture.

This example of art begs me to ponder and wonder only replying with… “Hmmm!” I guess I’m just not hip enough to appreciate its artistic relevance here in a public park. If you can’t tell, these are an artist’s rendition of a female & male torso. Yes, the female is the one with the blue & yellow… uh, uh, uh… things on her upper body ? while the male has its back tuned away from the photo for A GOOD REASON! ?

While you’re in the park, also check out the José Martí  Monument, All Wars Memorial, Vietnam War Wall Memorial & New York State Yellow Fever Civil War Monument previously blogged.

You inquisitive artistic type can find this example of freedom of expression in Bayview Park located at the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. & Eisenhower Drive in Key West.

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