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Lignumvitae Key’s Osprey Windmill

Here’s a blast from the past… 6 years ago and yes, tours are still available!

Lignumvitae Key is a fantastic place for tourist with so much to offer. As you approach the guest house it’s impossible to overlook the former windmill on its left. The windmill’s blades are long since gone with its platform now taken over by a family of osprey.

The nest sits high above the ground providing a perfect lookout for mommy and daddy osprey as they protect the babies currently hiding within. Our park ranger tour guide for the day explained how they’d love to have a look inside the nest at the new hatchlings if they could only find a volunteer brave enough as he surveyed the crowed for a raised hand! Hmm… “Should I or shouldn’t I?” as my scars from running with the bulls loudly said to my brain “NO, you’ve done too many stupid things already in your lifetime!” ? (Sadly that story is true… among others!) ? Anyways, there were no takers! He added “That’s OK, we can’t find a willing park ranger either”! ?

You too can share in a guided tour of Lignumvitae Key by a park ranger. Go to one of the tour boat companies and sign up at Robbie’s Marina at Mile Marker 77.5 on the right hand side of US-1 heading south towards Key West.

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