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LARGEST Roadside Propeller

Oh my gosh, check out the size of this roadside propeller! Though I’ve seen others on the road to Key West, I believe this to be the LARGEST roadside propeller in the entire Florida Keys. I stood beside it without a tape measure and estimate this behemoth to be almost 9 feet tall. Yo can see by the photos below that over the years its tips are partially buried in the ground and have become part of the tree.

And ‘YES’, believe it or not… that’s a car’s hubcap wired to the center of it! ? (ONLY IN THE KEYS)

You  can find the Florida Keys LARGEST roadside propeller on what’s simply called ‘The Old Highway’ signed North C-905 just one road removed from US-1 at Mile Marker 87.9 oceanside behind the Coral Medical home equipment company.


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