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Key West’s Cemetery Cabins

Abandoned Cemetery Cabins? These two rustic cabins are so out-of-place down here sticking out like a sore thumb compounded further by their unusual location. They’re the first houses across from the Historic Key West Cemetery’s main gate.

As you approach, getting closer your mind says “What the heck is that homemade cement & mirror fence-looking thing lining the front yard!”. I personally thought they were abandoned and began to walk around. As you can see by the photo below, I had walked all the way up to and onto the front porch for a tunnel type effect of both cabins picturesque overhangs. I’d completed my unsupervised self-guided tour of the property and began walking across the street to retrieve my bicycle when I saw the mailman pull up and put mail in the porch mailbox. To my amazement an elderly lady quickly came out and retrieved it. Wow was I stunned! I’d just walked all around her home and upon her porch. I swear I thought these were condemned abandoned cabins scheduled for a date with the wrecking ball! ? And to think she was probably inside watching my every move! ? Oh well, I hope that you don’t make the same mistake I did but do hope you take time to search these out because they are AWESOME looking and worth a photo when you’re already at the cemetery.

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