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Key West Cemetery’s “Crying Angel”

Beyond a doubt, one of my absolute favorite sights in Key West! There’s nothing like it in the WORLD!

Here in Key West’s Historic Cemetery is a century and a half of history… Key West’s unique and intriguing cemetery lies in the heart of ‘Old Town’ in a twenty acre park-like setting. Bahamian mariners, Cuban cigar makers, Spanish-American War veterans, soldiers & civilians, millionaires & paupers, whites & blacks, Catholics, Protestants & Jews rest side-by-side echoing the island city’s diverse heritage.

Amongst the eclectic collection of souls buried throughout, their marble carved tributes number in the 10,000’s, of them you’ll find many beautiful angel statuettes… but you’ll find only one “CRYING ANGEL”! Look closely at the photo to the left & the close-up below and you’ll see that God & nature have come together sending an incredible marble message to the masses as she points upward to the heavens… or was it meant to point to her face using nature as his paint brush upon a marble canvas after being erected? The perfectly positioned grain patterns, stress marks in the stone & years of natures weeping rain are now appearing as tears on BOTH sides of the angels divine face delivering an even stronger messaage to us all!

Though the “Crying Angel” doesn’t appear on the self-guided tour booklet of the 58 featured graves, epitaphs, crypts, or statues it ranks as my #1 neatest, coolest and MOST naturally nature-enhanced visually stunning piece of artwork in the entire cemetery! This is an awesome find and everyone I’ve shown it to are moved and find it hard to believe that such a beautiful creation and appearance wasn’t hand-made. I’ve yet to be in the cemetery during a heavy rain but would love to see the tears of ‘God’s love for us’ rolling down her face! Don’t miss what may very well be the ONLY nature enhanced “Crying Angel” in the WORLD!

The “Crying Angel” can be found near the corners of Fourth Ave. & Clara Street in Key West’s Historic Cemetery. The cemetery is open from dawn to dusk and is of course FREE! If you go to the cemetery… you’ve GOT TO SEE THIS!


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