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Key Colony’s Ice Fountain

Key Colony’s Ice Fountain! Deep inside the warmth of the Florida Keys, you too can see this incredible shimmering daily spectacle. Appearing nightly for only minutes, this astounding illusion is truly a sight to be seen.

I love finding topics and photos totally by accident, this being one of them. Park bound at the end of our 3hr bike ride, we turned the corner just as the sun was nearing the top of the trees. We couldn’t help noticing the eye-popping image as the sun’s beams illuminated the flowing water into what appeared as glimmering icicles. I yelled out “Oh My Gosh! Look at that!” pointing to the fountain as we steered our bikes into position.

Here’s how you too can be in the right place at the right time! Key Colony City Hall is the home of this brilliant photographic prize, capture your own ‘Ice Fountain’ on your next visit. Remember, timing is everything, so time it 10 to 15 minutes before sunset. On US-1 turn at Mile Marker 53.5 oceanside onto Sadowski Causeway, go down to the big curve and on the right sits City Hall.

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