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Hurricanes, They’re In Our Blood!

Hurricane Irma is setting its sights directly on millions in Miami which includes my wife and I making me wonder why it’s such and icon for Florida. Be safe to all and pray for us who stay and try to stick it out. Now here’s today’s related blog:

Hurricanes are an unfortunate part of the package deal when living in south Florida and the Keys. Is it necessary to name our schools, mascots & teams after them… evidently so!

Here’s just two examples that you’ll see on your way down to Key West. First is Key Largo Elementary School (pictured below in blue) in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.9 on the left hand side of US-1 heading south.The second one can be found in the town of Tavernier at the Coral Shores High School “Home of the Hurricanes” located at Mile Marker 90 also on the left hand side of US-1 headed south.

Though not in the Keys, who can forget the University of Miami Hurricanes that’s the big brother to all of the previous. As you can see, though we fear them, respect them, we still name our schools, mascots & teams after them with no fear what so ever… or is it that we name them such to put fear in our opponents! Either way, south Florida and the Keys is the capital, or in this case ‘hurricane central’ for school pride that has been brought up for generations and indeed pulses through our veins and runs in our blood!


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