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Historic Strand Theatre

Key West’s Historic Strand Theatre

Located at 527 Duval Street in Key West is the historic Strand Theatre that opened its doors in the mid 1920’s later becoming the home of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in 1993. The theater was sold in 2001 eventually becoming yet another branch of the Walgreens Pharmacy chain.

My mother, who was born and raised in Key West has told me many stories of this historic theatre. On weekends she and her friends would go to a matinée paying 5¢ (back then this was a lot) to watch a movie and ONLY the rich kids went upstairs to sit up in the balcony for a whopping 10¢ (and this was considered outrageous)! :-)

There is of course NO CHARGE to walk into or around the Walgreens to admire its prior beauty. Many of the historic elements of the theater were saved including its beautiful façade, neon lit marquee, front ticket booth, poster holders for upcoming movies, various aspects of the interior, the lobby tile, marble stairs, and wood floors. So adjust your schedule and make plans after sunset to stroll by seeing its majestic neon image projected upon Duval Street’s WORLD FAMOUS nightlife! This is one of my favorite nighttime photos I’ve ever taken, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

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