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Got Pets?

Pet Motel

Here’s one for all you pet lovers! If you’ve ever been forced to take a pet on vacation or just want to give your pet a vacation of its own then here’s your place. The Pet Motel is located directly on US-1 at exactly Mile Marker 105 bayside.

I personally don’t have pets and was amazed at seeing the Pet Motel and stopped by to snap this novelty photo. Since this is at the very top of the Keys its ideal for even those tourist living in South Florida who can drop off your pet on the way down and pick up your child (child / pet… synonymous to some) ? before leaving the Keys heading home. Even if you’re not a pet lover it makes a good addition to any vacation photo album of all the different things available in the Florida Keys. Hmmm… I’m wondering, Is there an In-Law Motel where you can drop them off at if they over stay their welcome… I’ll check into that for you! ?

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