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Florida Keys Sea Grapes

Have you ever heard of a sea grape tree or fruit? Well then, here’s MORE than you ever wanted to know about sea grapes! ?

Sea grape trees are most often used in landscaping as it’s a popular ornamental plant in south Florida, as well as a dune stabilizer and coastal windbreak. Taller sea grape plants are used to make light barriers between coastlines to protect sea turtles. The wood of the sea grape is sometimes used for firewood, making charcoal, and even cabinetry. The reddish fruits of the sea grape may be eaten raw, cooked into jellies and jams, or fermented into sea grape wine. Sea grape wine may also be fermented into sea grape vinegar, which is also useful in cooking. The sap of the sea grape is used in the West Indies and Jamaica for dyeing and tanning of leather. WOW… that was a lot of information!

Where can you find one of these sea grape trees in the Florida Keys? That’s easy, it’s at Mile Marker 83.8 at the Whale Harbor Marina complex in the city of Islamorada directly in front of Wahoo’s Bar & Grille!

P.S. – The street sign ‘Sea Grape St.’ was found further down in the Keys towards Key West so don’t go looking for it at Wahoo’s! ?


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