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Don’t Take Pictures… Create Memorable Photos!

Umbrellas Galore

If you’ve ever looked at a magazine and said ‘WOW, that’s a great photo!” then today’s blog is for you. I’m no professional photographer by trade but have improved my photo shooting immensely during my over 10,000 photos I’ve documented for the Florida Keys & Key West.

To me, there are two kinds of photos: informational & artistic. Informational are those taken  so that you don’t forget what it really looks like to the general public. Artistic on the other hand are those that you choose the specific angle

Ocean Gate

and side from which to shoot bringing out the best in subject matter (called perspective)… you know, those that you see hanging up in a business or in magazines. It’s a learning process and takes practice, the most important thing is “Don’t try to be exact during your photo taking”… that’s what editing is for, you know, cropping & zoom… they will soon be your best friends in the photo industry! Nor do photos have to be centered or have a smiling face in it. So if you want something to do on your next trip to the Keys, bring out that hidden photographer inside you and DON’T take a picture… CREATE A MEMORABLE  PHOTO!


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