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Dead End Hiking!

Welcome to a DEAD END in the middle of the boonies. Here’s one for the die-hard dedicated adventurous readers of our blog! ? I on the other hand chose NOT to hike on this particular sweltering day of summer! Heck, I nearly passed out standing outside for 11-minuter 23-seconds while taking these photos! ?

I’m not 100% sure on where these paths lead but it’s probably a muddy footpath to the Gulf of Mexico. There’s at least two different choices and directions that you can start your hike, both begin behind the brown sign shown below. If anyone has photos please let me know by passing them along! OH YEAH, the signs say “Hike at your own risk” & “Please lock your doors, remove valuables from sight”.

PS – Tell someone that you’re going out here since you’ll have NO cell phone service and bring mosquito spray and extra water because you’re in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! I bid you “Good Luck” in English & Spanish “Buena Suerte”… you’re going to need it! ?

You can find these DEAD END HIKING paths by driving on US-1 to Mile Marker 30.4 bayside and turning onto Key Deer Blvd. Once you’ve turned, simply go down 4.6 miles straight ahead your private parking area. Yes, that’s my car in the photo, I was there for 20-minutes overall NEVER seeing another human being for miles.


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