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Cuban Bollos

Five Brothers Sandwich Shop

Want something different to do in Key West… try a part of its culinary history brought over from Cuban immigrants that’ve made the 90 mile journey. What was formerly readily available from almost every street vendor and food court is now relegated to a dismal few!

Here at Five Brothers Sandwich Shop on Southard Street stands one of the cities last surviving hold outs. Cuban Bollos are best enjoyed deep fried and warm! Similar to an American Hush Puppy or Fritter, they’re made with peeled black-eyed peas crushed into a paste adding garlic, salt & pepper with a touch of hot sauce. We ALWAYS get a bag of six for only $2 (Dozen $4).

Having been raised on them I’ve devoured 1,000’s of them over my years and hunt them down as a first priority upon entering Key West city limits. This is my self proclaimed REWARD for traveling the most beautiful self gratifying 3-hour drive from Miami you’ll ever have! ?

PS – If you’ve ever wanted to see a picture of the person who writes this blog here’s your chance. That’s me holding the bollos in the picture below! ?

Awe… Cuban Bollos!

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