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Chain Your Bike To A Chain!

IMG_0191I promise that the blog’s title will begin to get clearer as you read on! ?

Out of the corner of my eye while driving 55 mph I saw a ‘black squiggly thing.’ (I came up with that description myself) ? Being the ever curious type I just had to pull over and investigate. Yes, that’s my car on the side of the road… kind of looks like a Porsche from this angle! ? But it’s not. ? OK, back to reality! Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a cleverly made bike rack of enormously large boat anchor chain.

You can find this rarely used bike rack made of chain at the beginning of a marked bike path at Mile Marker 55.3 bayside. The bike path itself stretches on for miles and miles… kind of like this long welded loopty loop bike rack chain if you were to straighten it out! ?

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