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Beautiful Ocean Dock Posts

Take time on your next visit to Key West or the Florida Keys and notice some of the beautiful offerings that others tend to miss. Most people walk down piers and notice only the ocean missing the beauty of the pier or the dock posts used to secure boat from drifting away. I on the other hand love noticing the more subtle sights that tend to catch my eye. The five posts form a point with the weathered war-torn scars of the ocean beaten upon its lower water-level exposed portions leaving natures artistically etched skeletal remains. As you can see, It makes a GREAT photo!

The pier posts pictured here are from one of Key West’s busiest and most popular places to stay. The Casa Marina Resort is filled with Jet Skis, Boats, Swimmers, Sunbathing Worshipers, Sand Castle Builders and Sightseers galore and yet NO ONE else walking by these dock posts even gave them a second glance more less a photograph as I did. This to me is true beauty and gets me even deeper into relax mode and is yet another one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE KEY WEST!

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