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Beautiful Dead End… But No Cookouts!

The mere mention of the term ‘Dead End’ conjures up negative images in most minds… MOST minds! Until yesterday I too was a believer in the dead end don’t go down theory until coming upon this AWESOME road’s end that will change your mind forever! That is ‘FOREVER’ with ONLY ONE unusual stipulation!

As you can see by the photos, this is absolutely gorgeous with passing motor boats, corner lighthouse along with its own jetty overlooking this watery wonderland! Now look close just below the red reflector sign where you’ll read the words ‘NO BARBEQUES OR FIRES’. So recapping your FREE picnic by the sea, you can bring your beach chair, sunblock, cooler, sodas and cold cut sandwiches because there’s NO COOKOUTS!

You can find this decadent dead end on US-1 at Mile Marker 92.7 bayside by turning into Sunset Acres on Valjean Lane then heading straight towards the Gulf of Mexico.


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