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Bar With Cemetery Headstone!

Headstone In Bar

Does your bar have a real cemetery headstone in it? Well this one does, so belly on up to the bar partner and listen to a smorgasbord of whale tales, pranks, lies, and off the cuff made up stories that they might be dishing out for todays customer consumption here at Capt. Tony’s Saloon on 428 Greene Street in Key West!

Here lies Reba I. Sawyer 1900-1950 or so they say. One of the most repeated stories (though the bartender I spoke to doubts that it really happened that way) says that Reba was having an affair with a man for a number of years at this particular bar, she passed away leaving love notes behind unwillingly confessing her sins. The husband upon reading them went to the grave site and removed her headstone and trucked down to the front window of the bar and tossed it in where it sits today. If you believe that I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona I’d love to sell you and I’ll throw the Golden Gate Bridge in for FREE! ? If you’ve ever picked up a headstone (and who hasn’t) ?  I doubt if you could even move it several inches, but that’s neither here nor there. There’s no body beneath the headstone as some say nor was this the sight of an old cemetery plot as others wish you to believe… merely a GREAT publicity stunt no matter the real story. So I encourage you to drop on by and collect your photo with Reba while doing your best Capt. Morgan pose on the side of her tombstone as 1,000’s have done before. I love it, it’s an AWESOME conversation piece… so DON’T MISS IT. It’s FREE to stop on by and worth your time to be where Hemingway himself might have once sat!

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