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Antique Fire Engine

This is EXACTLY why I drive down EVERY street even if it’s a DEAD END… you never know what you might find! Wow, what a thrill this was, a REAL Key Largo antique fire engine in all its former glory.

Behind an overgrown fence and in a private yard is this former fireman’s tool in combating local fires. I have no idea on how long it was used or when it arrived here but none of the really matters. Taking one look at the passengers side door seeing the words ‘Key Largo #66 Volunteer Fire Department’ painted on it made my eyes light up! Looking closer at the wooden ladder still attached to the side of the truck with its cracked rungs is amazing. Though many may look at it as an eyesore, I on the other hand was like a 1st grader in elementary school when REAL fireman HEROES came to our school for show and tell allowing all to climb aboard and where a hat! I love it and hope you find it bringing back memories too!

You too can glimpse into the past by checking out this antique fire engine. On US-1 at approx. Mile Marker 106.7 bayside turn onto Lake Surprise Road, go down to Plantation Road and turn left you’ll see it behind the fence at address 957 on your right.



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