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Alligator Reef Light

Though this blogs feature is visible with the naked eye (barely), I suggest you bring a pair of binoculars for best possible viewing. Oh yeah, bring a MEGA ZOOM camera lens borrowed from one of your photographer friends if you intend on obtaining a photograph of your own!

The name ‘Alligator Reef Light” itself bewilders me for starters. Alligators (as we now know from a previous blog) are only found in fresh water while Crocodiles are found in salt water and yet Alligator Reef is in the Atlantic Ocean filled with salt water… hmmmm! I guess the origin of its name would be a different blog! OK… I’ll include it in this one! ?

The name honors the U.S. Navy schooner ‘Alligator’ which went aground at this location in 1822. The ‘Alligator’ was then blown up to prevent it from being used by pirates. Countless number of other vessels throughout the years have also sunk here on the reef’s jagged coral.

Built in 1873, the ‘Alligator Reef Light’ stands 136′ tall and is located 4 nautical miles  east of Indian Key. The light flashes white and red every 5 seconds, every third flash red. The red light can be seen up to 11 nautical miles while the white light has a  range of up to 14 nautical miles.

You can see this sea-bound wonder with your own eyes anywhere close to Mile Marker 78 by pulling off the road and looking into the Atlantic ocean… but bring your binoculars anyway! ?

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