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1958 Pink Woody Surfwagon

WOW! When was the last time you’ve seen a 1958 Morris Minor Woody Surfwagon? And YES it runs!

OK, I’m not quite sure of the exact year yet going by other photos on-line it to me is a 1958 but I am 100% positive that it’s a Morris Minor Woody Wagon by the insignia on the hood. If you’re a car expert and can confirm or inform me of its exact year please do so! Either way, it makes a great photo adding it to your vacation list of attractions seen in the Florida Keys. You NEVER know what you might see down here and that’s yet another reason I love this place soooooooooo much!

You can see this incredible find of a nostalgic vehicle at the Summerland Sandal & Surf Co. located at 24818 Overseas Highway at Mile Marker 24.9 oceanside.

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